Football coaching in Leighton Buzzard

Lions NXT Football Academy is dedicated to developing skilful, technical football players through innovative and rounded training methodologies. Developed from years of experience our team will empower your child to continually push the boundaries of their footballing capabilities. With a primary focus on futsal and skill-based coaching, your child will be exposed to week-on-week honing of these techniques, and over time, becoming a master of controlling the football.



We welcome children of all ages, boys and girls, no matter their starting point, or experience to date. Whether your child is just starting out on their footballing journey or pushing their abilities to burst into the pre-academy system, we’ll be sure to nurture each individual according to their needs.


We operate a number of different classes depending on ability and age. We also offer girls-only sessions for those who’d prefer to play surrounded by like-minded peers.


Mastering control of the football

Futsal, a modified version of football played on a smaller pitch size typically with a smooth sports surface, serves as an excellent platform for allowing children to master control of the football in a controlled environment. Lions NXT Generation Football Academy utilises the benefits of futsal and combines it with structured drills. We emphasise the need for keeping training varied and fun, whilst also ensuring repetition in the core motor skills are integrated seamlessly. Working in smaller space encourages close ball control, quick decision-making, and teamwork, providing an ideal setting for children to develop their football skills.


Kickstart your child's football learning journey

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First & Foremost, it's Football Fun.

Lions NXT Generation Football Academy believes that learning football is underpinned by fun and participation. Our training programs are designed around proven drills and techniques to encourage the fundamentals of football. 


Over and above technical skill, becoming great at football takes dedication, hard work, passion, energy, and competitiveness. These are all elements we believe in and build into our core curriculum. 



Our coaches reinforce positivity and creativity, and encourage inventiveness without fear of failure. Our stimulating learning environment,  means children develop a love for the sport, which in turn helps them to develop their football skills with enjoyment at the core.


Creating Technical Footballers


Our dedication to emphasising developing technical capabilities and providing qualified coaching and individual attention, Lions NXT creates an ideal platform for pre-school children to develop their football skills. Through our comprehensive approach, Lions NXT Football Academy Coaches not only enhance children’s football abilities but also enables their confidence, social skills, and love for the sport to flourish.


Qualified Football Coaching

Lions NXT Football Academy ensures that children receive guidance from qualified coaches who specialise in football development. 

Our coaches provide individual attention, catering to each child’s abilities and progress. Our coaches track individuals progress to ensure that areas of improvement are identified and worked on. 

This personalised coaching approach enables our kids to learn develop quicker.

Fundamental Football Techniques


Lions NXT Generation Football Academy understands the importance of building a strong foundation in fundamental football techniques and motor skills. Through age-appropriate training sessions, children are introduced to essential skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and basic coordination exercises. By focusing on these fundamental techniques, Lions NXT helps children develop their motor skills, balance, and coordination, laying a solid foundation for their future football development.


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Kickstart your child's football learning journey

The first session is totally free!!

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