Pre Academy Football Coaching

Preparing kids for pre-academy football is a huge goal of Lions NXT Generation Football Academy. We have experience in developing individuals to the standards and levels required to enter into the elite layers of youth football. 

With links into local pre-academies such as MK Dons and Luton Town, it’s a major driver for the business. 

Your path to Football glory

We love to see nothing more than our players develop to a standard that allows them to go above and beyond. Our goal is to enable individuals with the talent, drive and ambition to push into professional clubs. 


See them progress to new heights

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Understanding Football Academy Requirements

Lions NXT Generation Football Academy has a deep understanding of football academy requirements and what coaches within these levels of the game are looking for in new recruits. For individuals that show signs of being capable to this standard, we’ll tailor programs specifically to help develop areas of their game that require improvement, providing the best chance and pathways to push into pre-academy standards.

How does Futsal Help?

Futsal, a modified version of football played on a smaller pitch size typically with a smooth sports surface, serves as an excellent platform to develop ball skills. Lions NXT Generation Football Academy utilises all the benefits of indoor futsal combined with carefully planned drills to create the perfect environment for kids to excel. The smaller space encourages close ball control, quick decision-making, and teamwork, providing an ideal setting for children between 5-16 years of age to develop their football skills.


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